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HOLDENGRACE is a rare and remarkable place drawing esthetic inspiration from the surrounding natural elements.  We have fused design and style with personal care services to create a lifestyle  shopping experience unlike any other.

Step through our doors and be welcomed by the airiness of the architectural awe met with the serene views of High Park.  Indulge in a range of hair services from cutting and styling to L.A. chic balayages and platnum-blonding while sipp’n on lattés and spill’n tea.  Loose yourself in a lifestyle shopping experience while floating along to the sounds of lo-fi.

Whatever your reason  for visiting HOLDENGRACE, rest-assured you will step out of our doors and back into the world with the uplifting feelings of being re-rejuvenated and re-invented.



We are often asked the question, “…why do you carry the brands that you do?” Well, we have selected brands based on our commitment to providing a uniquely elevated guest experience while being environmentally sustainable and cruelty free.  We also have a focus on supporting local artists and designers to help use our platform to build their brand awareness.



We have created an in-depth consultation process that allows us to identify and determine the scope of work that is necessary to achieve the desired outcome of our guest’s service.  This scope of work includes creating a personalized at-home hair care regime with support from our retail brands and a setting maintenance schedule that is complimentary to your lifestyle, so that you can have hair that looks its best, all the time.


Rather than following the industry standard and basing our service pricing on gender differences, we base our pricing system on hair length and technical difficulty.  Each hair cutting service includes a relaxing hair wash, finished with a blowout and/or style.

Barbering $45 - $75

For clipper-cuts and fades or scissor over comb cuts on short hair.
* Includes a final rinse to remove unwanted hair clippings.
45-60 minutes depending on stylist

Short length hair cutting $75 - $125+

For hair that is NOT longer than chin-length but requires detailed work that is beyond the shaping capabilities of clippers
(e.g. pixie cuts or short equal layering).
60 minutes depending on stylist

Medium length hair cutting $75 - 135+

For hair that is chin-length to chest-length
(e.g. short bob, lob/long bob, or layering/shaping).
60-75 minutes depending on stylist

Long length hair cutting $80 - $140+

For hair that is chest-length and longer.
75-90 minutes depending on stylist

Transformation hair cutting $90 - $150+

For dramatic changes to the shape/style/length of hair.
90 minutes depending on stylist


Blow-out $45+

shampoo & condition
45 minutes

Blow-out + Waves $75+

shampoo & condition / blow-dry / curling iron or flat iron
60 minutes

Waves Only $40

no wash / no blow-dry / curling iron or flat iron
30 minutes

Extension Blow-out + Style $100+

shampoo & condition / blow-dry / curling iron or flat iron
* This appointment includes the installation of clip in extensions if bonded/taped extensions are not present.
75 minutes

Braiding $40+

no wash / no blow-out
e.g. boxer braids, fishtail and other designer braids
30 minutes

Up Style $125+

no wash / no blow-out
60 minutes

Half Up Style $90+

no wash / no blow-out
45 minutes

Full Make-Up

* Consultation required


All pricing listed with a “+” indicates there will be an increase in cost based on hair length and/or density, which accounts for product usage and duration of the service. All of which are included in the scope of work, which is determined during the client consultation. We use a scaling system to correctly measure and accurately charge for colour product usage, which allows us to separate our labor cost from our product usage cost and keeps our colour wastage to a minimum.
* All colouring services include a blow-out (waves/styling +$40)

Single Colour Root Touch Up 1-2” $90+

A single root colour applied to the natural regrowth that will cover grey hair or change the natural colour at the root only, to match existing hair colour.
75 minutes

Root-to-End Single Colour $130+

The same shade applied from root to end for a uniform, all-over colour.
90 minutes

Gloss Toner $75+

A semi-permanent toner applied to previously coloured hair to neutralize unwanted warm tones or to revitalize the richness of your initial hair colour.
* DOES NOT lighten hair
60 minutes

Vivids & Pastels

For all vivid colours such as blushes, jewel tones or any other or shade or tone you can imagine.
* Consultation required


All platinum blonding services include toner & blow-out (waves/styling +$40)

Bleach & Tone Root Touch Up 1-2’’ $150 - $175+

For hair that has already been bleached and needs to be touched up and toned. For roots that have 4-6 weeks of growth.
120 minutes

Bleach & Tone 3-4’’ $200 - $225+

For hair that has already been bleached but needs to be touched up and toned. For roots that have 6-10 weeks of growth.
150 minutes

Global Blonde

Going platinum blonde is a major project! For this service, we request a consultation to ensure that your goals, our processes and the health of your hair are in alignment.
* Consultation required


Looking for balayage, foils, teasylights, foilage, babylights, lowlights, Tip-outs or any other blonding technique? Choose from the options below and we will work with you to choose the right technique or combination of techniques to create your desired look.
* All highlights and hand-painting services include a blow-out (waves/styling +$40)

Partial Highlights / Babylights $160+

Highlighting service for shimmer of lightness from roots to ends. Temple, parting and crown area coverage.
150 minutes

Full Highlights / Babylights $200+

Highlighting service for shimmer of lightness from roots to ends. Whole-head coverage. Recommended for first time highlighting guests or 6-month growth.
180 minutes

Balayage, Foilyage, Teasylights $200+

For a sunkissed, soft blonding, result that lightens the mid to ends of the hair.
150 minutes

Multi-Technique/Process: Price upon consultation

Most modern colours are customized using a combination of techniques. This service allows your stylist to utilize two or more techniques to give you the look you desire. Any combination of base colour, highlights, lowlights, balayage, tip outs, depending on your desired look, your stylist will recommend the best combination for your multi-dimensional look.
* Consultation required


While we (and you) wait patiently to re-open... AGAIN! Submit your appointment requests and we will be in touch to confirm we have received your entry.


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free 1 hour parking on pacific ave. and oakmount ave.

$3/hr parking on north and south sides of bloor st.

$3/hr parking on ground level of north side of condo and p1 level of visitor parking of condo (entry in north side of condo)



use high park station, exit at high park ave., walk south to bloor st., walk 1 block east