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Our team of dedicated Registered Nurses with a focus on comprehensive, results-oriented, and highly-customized skincare and repair that promotes optimal health. Our premium med spa service is tailored to meet the specific, personal concerns of all our guests.

Botox $10 per unit

Only Botox Cosmetic is FDA-approved to temporarily make moderate to severe frown lines, crow’s feet and forehead lines look better in adults.

Glass Facial (Mesotherapy) $300 - $400

This innovative treatment uses 99.9% pure gold-plated surgical grade stainless steel microchannels, thinner than a human hair, to deliver custom solutions, which can include hyaluronic acid, neuromodulators (or Micro-Botox) and vitamin rich mesotherapy cocktails, directly into your skin to painlessly, easily and effectively shrink pores, smooth and brighten your skin, improve superficial acne scars and can be used in sensitive areas around your eyes and mouth with minimal redness and social downtime.

45 minutes

Microneedling $375+

Imagine diminishing wrinkles and fine lines, and adding volume to the skin using the body’s own healing properties; that is exactly what Microneedling is. Micro-Needling (also known as Dermal Needling or Collagen Induction Therapy)  is a minimally invasive treatment with slight discomfort and absolutely no downtime. It involves pricking the skin multiple times by using a specially designed hand-held device with fine, medical-grade needles to create thousands of transient micro-channels.  These controlled micro-injuries allow greater penetration of topically applied products and at the same time lead to the release of different growth factors (GFs) that promote healing without scars, epidermal thickening and a more even skin colour. Furthermore, they activate fibroblasts (the special cells that play a role in keeping skin young) to make new collagen and elastin. The repair process, hence collagen formation, extends over a minimum of 12 to 16 weeks period after treatment.

*For other areas of the body a consultation is required.




We partner with Vivier to give the best professional facials with pharmaceutical grade products. All facials can have a chemical peel added. There is no downtime to this services, and results are immediate, however optimal and final 72hrs after service.

The Brilliance Facial $120

Customizable for all skin types, this includes hormonal, sensitive-skin, aging oily, normal to dry skin.

This is 10 step facial that offer immediate results with zero downtime.

+ $80 add-on Vivier TX Jessner Chemical Peel.

45-60 minutes


The Platinum Brilliance Facial $180

This facial is designed to refresh, brighten, tighten and illuminate
the appearance of the skin. This facial includes Vivier products
from their anti-aging line, Genzine. Take home sample of Vivier’s
Genzine serum is included.

60-75 minutes

The Diamond Facial $250

This facial includes elements of both the Brilliance and the Platinum with extended facial massage techniques and the addition of Celluma light therapy.  This will elevate results further, for the most in-depth treatment, leaving your skin plump, hydrated and glowing.

90 minutes


Dermaplaning is a manual exfoliation treatment is expertly performed with a surgical blade to gently remove built up dead skin cells and vellus hair leaving skin smooth, supple and looking radiant.


Excellent for reducing pigmentation, softening fine lines, and allowing for better absorption of skin care products. Not recommended for those who are experiencing active acne.

45 minutes


To have balance one needs to know how to let go. Our Massages are designed to help you release and relax as well helping your body function better. We offer a variety of massages, that are either performed in our private treatment room or where you are seated in our hair studio. Both the head and shoulder/neck massages can be added to your hair services, for an elevated experience.  Please note, our massage services are not performed by an RMT.

Scalp + Head Massage $60

Scalp massage therapy involves the manipulation of the muscles of the head. Includes warm oil or scrub which is massaged throughout the scalp to relax tight muscles in the scalp and temple regions. A scalp massage is pretty effective in reducing stress, reducing headaches and migraines and boosting blood flow, which in some cases, can strengthen hair follicles which could result in faster hair growth and the slowing of hair loss.  A post treatment shampoo and conditioning treatment is included in the service. Blowout is not included, however can be added on when booking.

30 minutes

Shoulder + Neck Massage $60
Our shoulder and neck massage involves the manipulation of various pressure points located in your shoulder and neck area. Ideal for those that are looking to feel more relaxed, and less tight. We suggest this massage service to be added on to your next hair studio or med spa service.
30 minutes
Lymphatic Drainage Massage for Face $60

Lymphatic drainage therapy is a form of therapeutic massage where the therapist uses very light pressure and long gentle rhythmic strokes to increase the flow of the lymph system and reduce toxins in your body. Lymphatic drainage therapy can provide many health benefits including the boosting of the immune system, reduction of water retention, improvement of skin texture, boosting weight loss and the overall detoxification of the body. Lymphatic drainage is a great way to help your body release toxins. Enjoy a relaxing message that will help you instantly feel less puffy, feel tighter, and refreshed.

30 minutes

Signature Swedish Massage $120 - $150

This massage combines a series of different massage techniques.  This type of massage targets the uppermost layer of muscles and aims to relieve muscle tension.

60 – 75 minutes


All waxing services are performed by a certificated professional in our private treatment room.  We use a safe, high quality wax that is designed to not pull or dry out the skin.


Brow Shape + Sculpt $25

A clean-up of outgrown hairs + shaping.

15 minutes

Between the Brows $12

Removes hair in-between the eyebrows.

5 minutes

Side Burns $15

The cheeks and sides of the face.

15 minutes

Upper Lip $12

10 minutes

Chin $12

10 minutes

Full Leg $60

From inner and outer thigh down to toes.

30 minutes

Half Leg $36

From inner to outer thigh, down to knee cap OR above the knee cap to toes.

20 minutes

Inner Thigh $15

Includes from groin crease to inner knee.

10 minutes

Feet + Toes $15

10 minutes

Above the Belt

Full Back $55

Removal of hair on shoulders + neckline to pant line not
including neck.

20 minutes

Upper Back $25

Removal of hair on the mid-back up to neckline, not including
neck or shoulders.

15 minutes

Shoulders $20

Removal of hair on the tops of shoulders.

15 minutes

Full Arm $40

Removal of hair from wrist to below the shoulder. Does not
include under arms hair removal.

20 minutes

Half Arm $25

Removal of hair from under elbow to wrist.

15 minutes

Underarm $20

15 minutes

Hands + Fingers $15

Removal of hair below the wrist on back of hand and fingers.

10 minutes

Chest or Chest Line $25

Removal of hair from the bottom of chest to neck line, or in-between the chest.

15 minutes

Areola $15

Removal of hair around the areola (nipple area).

10 minutes

Full Stomach $25

Removal of hair below the chest line to the navel.

15 minutes

Stomach Strip $10

Removal of hair from bottom of the navel to pant line.

10 minutes

Below the Belt

Brazilian $55

Removal of all hair, or leaving a rectangle of triangle design.
Between the bum cheeks, hair removal included.

20 minutes

Mini Brazilian $45

Removal of hair from top and outside bikini line, and between the bum cheeks.

15 minutes

The Classic Bikini $30

Removal of hair from outside the bikini line.

10 minutes

The Cheeks $35

Removal of hair from on and between bum cheeks.

15 minutes

Between the Cheeks $20

Removal of hair from between the bum cheeks.

10 minutes


Lash Tinting $30

Make your eyelashes pop with a darker colour that will last your entire lash cycle of 3-4 weeks.

20 minutes

Lash Lift $70

This is semi-parmanent curl treatment for your lashes.
Includes tinting. Lasts up to 4 weeks.

30 minutes

Brow Lamination + Tinting $120

Fluffy, bigger eyebrows that last up to 5 weeks. Includes clean-up and shaping of the eyebrows.

55 minutes

Brow Shape + Sculpt $25

Clean-up and maintenance of brows. 25 minutes

Brow Tinting $30

Darken those brows so they pop.

20 minutes


Rather than following the industry standard by basing our service pricing on gender differences, we base our pricing system on hair length and technical difficulty.  Pricing is then categorized into 3 levels based on the individual stylist experience and knowhow.

*Each hair cutting service includes a relaxing hair wash, finished with a blowout and/or style.

Barbering $45 / $60 / $75

For clipper-cuts and fades or scissor over comb cuts on short hair.
* Includes a final rinse to remove unwanted hair clippings.
45-60 minutes depending on stylist

Short length hair cutting $75 / $95 / $125

For hair that is NOT longer than chin-length but requires detailed work that is beyond the shaping capabilities of clippers
(e.g. pixie cuts or short equal layering).
60 minutes

Medium length hair cutting $85 / $105 / $135

For hair that is chin-length to chest-length
(e.g. short bob, lob/long bob, or layering/shaping).
60-75 minutes depending on stylist

Long length hair cutting $95 / $115 / $145

For hair that is chest-length and longer.
75 minutes

Transformation hair cutting $105 / $125 / $155

For dramatic changes to the shape/style/length of hair.
90 minutes

Buzz $30

a quick, all over, same length clipper cut

* no wash

15 minutes

Beard Trim $30

detailing + maintenance  of facial hair

* no wash

15 minutes

Bang Trim $30

detailing + maintenance  of previously cut bangs

* no wash

15 minutes

Children Short Hair Length Haircut $45

A haircut and quick dry (NO STYLING) for any child under the age of 12 with hair that is not loner that the chin.

45 minutes

Children Medium to Long Hair Length Haircut $65

A haircut and quick dry (NO STYLING) for any child under the age of 12 with hair that lives between the chin and to the mid-chest.

45 minutes


Blow-out $45+

shampoo & condition
45 minutes

Blow-out + Waves $75+

shampoo & condition / blow-dry / curling iron or flat iron
60 minutes

Waves Only $40

no wash / no blow-dry / curling iron or flat iron
30 minutes

Extension Blow-out + Style $100+

shampoo & condition / blow-dry / curling iron or flat iron
* This appointment includes the installation of clip in extensions if bonded/taped extensions are not present.
75 minutes

Braiding $40+

no wash / no blow-out
e.g. boxer braids, fishtail and other designer braids
30 minutes

Up Style $125+

no wash / no blow-out
60 minutes

Half Up Style $90+

no wash / no blow-out
45 minutes

Full Make-Up

* Consultation required


All pricing listed with a “+” indicates there will be an increase in cost based on hair length and/or density, which accounts for product usage and duration of the service. All of which are included in the scope of work, which is determined during the client consultation. We use a scaling system to correctly measure and accurately charge for colour product usage, which allows us to separate our labor cost from our product usage cost and keeps our colour wastage to a minimum.
* All colouring services include a blow-out

Single Colour Root Touch Up 1-2” $90+

A single root colour applied to the natural regrowth that will cover grey hair or change the natural colour at the root only, to match existing hair colour.
75 minutes

Root-to-End Single Colour $130+

The same shade applied from root to end for a uniform, all-over colour.  Multiple shades will incur more cost.
90 minutes

Gloss Toner $75+

A semi-permanent toner applied to previously coloured hair to neutralize unwanted warm tones or to revitalize the richness of your initial hair colour.
* DOES NOT lighten hair
60 minutes

Vivids & Pastels

For all vivid colours such as blushes, jewel tones or any other or shade or tone you can imagine.
* Consultation required


For those who prefer the look of a solid blonde or ‘bleached’ colour.

Bleach & Tone $250+

For hair that has already been bleached (on the scalp) as a solid colour and needs to be touched up and toned.
150 minutes

Global Blonde

Going platinum blonde is a major project! For this service, we request a consultation to ensure that your goals, our processes and the health of your hair are in alignment.
* Consultation required


Looking for balayage, foils, teasylights, foilage, babylights, lowlights, tip-outs or any other blonding technique? Choose from the options below and we will work with you to choose the right technique or combination of techniques to create your desired look.
* All highlights and hand-painting services include a blow-out.

Partial Highlights / Babylights $180+

Highlighting service for shimmer of lightness from roots to ends. Temple, parting and crown area coverage.
150 minutes

Full Highlights / Babylights $220+

Highlighting service for shimmer of lightness from roots to ends. Whole-head coverage. Recommended for first time highlighting guests or 6-month growth.
180 minutes

Balayage, Foilyage, Teasylights $300+

For a sun-kissed, soft blonding, result that lightens the mid to ends of the hair.  We use a multi-technique application process with multiple hair lightening and toning products, to achieve the results you are looking for.
180 – 300 minutes

Multi-Technique/Process: Price upon consultation

Most modern colours are customized using a combination of techniques. This service allows your stylist to utilize two or more techniques to give you the look you desire. Any combination of base colour, highlights, lowlights, balayage, tip outs, depending on your desired look, your stylist will recommend the best combination for your multi-dimensional look.
* Consultation required


Keratin Treatment $200+

Designed to temporarily change the texture of all hair types, while at the same time nourishing, repairing, and shielding the hair against harmful hair processing, heat styling, and UV exposure with it’s unique Kertain repair system, while significantly reducing frizz and minimizing blow dry time.

120 minutes

OLAPLEX Bond Builder Treatment $50

Olaplex treatments work on a molecular level to seek out broken bonds in the hair that are caused by chemical, thermal, and mechanical damage. Restore compromised hair, or add it to another service to provide the ultimate breakage insurance.

30 minutes

Oribe Gold Lust Treatment $30

This treatment penetrates to rebuild each hair fiber with curative white tea, baobab, and jasmine extracts and Oribe’s bio-restorative complex, improving elasticity and fortifying hair to discover it’s softness, body and inner brilliance.

15 minutes

K18 Hair Science $30

Rebuild the hair’s polypeptide (keratin) chains with this leave-in mask treatment. You will start to see stronger, softer, healthier hair after just one treatment.

15 minutes

R+Co Concentrates $30

These concentrates are vegan, paraben + sulfate (SLS or SLES), mineral oil, and petroleum free.  There are a total of 3 treatments for our stylists and esthetician to choose from, to tailor to your specific needs.

Thickening / Moisturizing / Colour Locking

15 minutes




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